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Vanpool with vRide! Don’t be an S.O.V.

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vRide is a ride sharing platform that provides you an economical way to get to work. Commuters vanpool together and share a customized van with colleagues, neighbors and others who have a similar route to work.

vRiders can save up to $5,000 every year by vanpooling and don’t have to deal with leases and the high costs of insurance. Instead of dealing with gridlock, you're able to sleep, read or relax on your daily commute. Try a vanpool for a month, and you’ll never ride solo again.

Don’t be an S.O.V. (Single Occupant Vehicle)

commuters vanpooling
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Our Commuter Vans

We customize 3 types of vans to provide you with the most comfortable vanpool commute around. Socialize, nap, work it’s up to you! Our vans can be further customized to meet your specific vanpooling needs.

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My story begins nearly 20 years ago. I was just out of college and was living in San Bruno, California and working in San Francisco. Because of the cost of commuting and the running condition of my 15+ year old car, I started to ride the Sam Trans Bus to work. A few years later, I was transferred to a new job in San Ramon and so I moved to the closest town my small salary could afford. I ended up in Fremont but soon found out that my commute was going to be a real problem. That was when a co-worker mentioned the vanpool program that was available and how nice it was just to sit and let someone else do the driving. I decided to try it and instantly found that it was really nice to be able to read a book or converse with my fellow riders and leave the driving hassle to someone else. I never looked back and so, as of this year, I have been riding/driving in a vanpool since 1987. Over the years, I increased my involvement with the vanpool program and back in 2000, I began as a full time driver for our van which runs from Vacaville to Concord. The original reasons why I joined the Vanpool program are still there. I am able to save at least $200+ in my monthly commute and I don’t have to depend on my 13 year old minivan to get me to work. This year, VPSI delivered a brand new 2007 full-size vanpool van to me and now I can say that my commute is the best it’s ever been. I make sure that I keep it clean and in good shape. I will continue to participate in the vanpool program as long as I continue to work which should be for another 15 years or so.
Philip G. Glendon