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Vanpool with vRide! Don’t be an S.O.V.

commuters vanpooling

vRide is a ride sharing platform that provides you an economical way to get to work. Commuters vanpool together and share a customized van with colleagues, neighbors and others who have a similar route to work.

vRiders can save up to $5,000 every year by vanpooling and don’t have to deal with leases and the high costs of insurance. Instead of dealing with gridlock, you're able to sleep, read or relax on your daily commute. Try a vanpool for a month, and you’ll never ride solo again.

Don’t be an S.O.V. (Single Occupant Vehicle)

commuters vanpooling
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Our Commuter Vans

We customize 3 types of vans to provide you with the most comfortable vanpool commute around. Socialize, nap, work it’s up to you! Our vans can be further customized to meet your specific vanpooling needs.

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I used to make the commute to work with my husband, but when he became disabled in August 2004, I joined MichiVan as a “Rider Only.” I was reluctant to give up the freedom of having my car, because I lived about 45 minutes from my job. I was worried about what would happen if I was needed at home. Having the guaranteed ride home program was a plus, as well as not having to make that long commute by myself. Turns out, I’m glad my husband and brother-in-law talked me in to it. In 2006, I became the primary driver for the Adrian 2 to Ann Arbor MichiVan pool. Over the years, some of the riders have changed, but all have been wonderful people. Besides saving gas money, wear and tear on your vehicle, and maybe getting a little nap, the experience has turned out to be rewarding in a way that many others may not have even imagined a commuter pool could be. You see, in October 2006, my husband passed away. My longtime road-friends told me not to worry. They immediately took over and made arrangements for keeping the Van Pool running smoothly while I took a few weeks off. Two and half years later, I’m still driving the commuter van. I’ve found that the daily commuting time I spend is now a chance to laugh, share ideas, discuss news, and just be with warm caring people. I still just cannot thank the members of Adrian 2 MichiVan enough for their support, kindnesses and love. You are all were so appreciated then, and still so appreciated now!
Jodi Ann Korte