Our Vans


The vRide "Commuter" fifteen passenger extended van is a popular choices for vRiders who are looking for a blend of economy and comfort. It has the features, comforts, and safety features of a smaller van, but allows for even more vRiders.


The vRide ten-passenger van is well-suited to the needs of the long-distance commuter. The vehicle features reclining high back seats with arm rests for all passengers. It also includes all the components, comforts, and safety/convenience needs. This van has a V-8 engine a 35 gallon fuel tank and is flex-fuel capable.

7-Passenger Mini

The vRide "MiniCommuter" seven passenger minivan is a popular choice for small commute groups and is the perfect choice for vRides that park in a small parking structure. The "MiniCommuter" features dual sliding doors to make entry and exit easy.

I've enjoyed being part a part of vRide and would certainly recommend other people consider it as a great way to save on the expense and stress of commuting.
Jason Dieffenbacher