Memphis Area Rideshare

Memphis Area Rideshare

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Welcome! You're on the road to saving time, money and the environment! Memphis Area Rideshare, offered through Shelby County Air Quality Improvement Branch, has partnered with vRide to provide the Memphis Area an interactive social network for commuters. Whether you carpool, vanpool, bike, or ride the bus/trolley to work, there are resources here to get you started.

vRide allows you to connect with like-minded commuters in your area, create your own carpool or vanpool route, send out invitations to co-workers or simply search existing rideshare routes. Click “Register” (or “Sign Up”) below. Once you create your account, be sure to visit the New User Resources section on your account page for more details.

If you ever need help, we’re a phone call away at 1-800-826-Ride. Join us in taking single occupancy vehicles (SOVs) off the road in Memphis!

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