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Everyone agrees that carpooling is a great way to save money and the vRide matching system is the place to start the process! To us, carpools represent the building blocks of future vanpools. Want to upgrade to vanpooling even faster and take advantage of subsidies opportunities that you can’t receive when carpooling? Give us a call at 1-800-Van Ride.

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Five years ago, we asked VPSI to step outside the box and entertain the idea of a commuter van that would accommodate a group of nurses who work twelve hour shifts instead of the usual eight hours shifts. In addition, this group of nurses works only three days a week, 72 hours. And, as nurses don’t really have desk jobs, this van goes seven days a week, holidays and weekends included. Our normal ridership is about five people per day. I have been vanpooling for about 16 years and outside of the last five years, I rode a conventional Monday thru Friday van. I thought, why not try to get a 12 hour van approved, there are plenty of 8 hour vans in the Texas Medical Center and at Texas Children’s Hospital too! VPSI accommodated our request (kudos to the Houston office) and we now ride safely and conveniently to work. There are now both day and night vans for nurses from our hospital. Another aspect that we love is the fact that we can decompress with each other after a stressful day. We laugh, we weep for those who we lost and we share stories about our kids and spouses. This is a really good thing for all of our families and for us too!
Clara Martin