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About vRide

vRide is a ride sharing platform that offers you an economical way to work. Our company has been serving commuters for over 30 years saving them thousands of dollars each year. We are about service and value.

If you are tired of being an S.O.V. (single occupant vehicle). If you are tired of fighting gridlock traffic and paying record-high gas prices, then try vRide today and save up to $5,000 on your way to work.

We’re here to help. 1-800-VAN-RIDE (1-800-826-7433)

We have partnered with vRide for the past several years. vRide has been there to access our needs, provide us with responsive customer service and competitive pricing. What could be easier!
Jaci Johnson, HRD Aero Systems

Our Ethics

vRide has thrived for over thirty years because our people truly believe in doing things the right way. We are honest, fair, and caring. We rely on integrity and principle, and believe that upholding high ethical standards is vital - to our reputation and our success.

Our team of professionals are dedicated to more than simply providing modern solutions to transportation problems. We are driven by a philosophy of environmental responsibility and corporate decency which permeates all of our actions.

We’re here to help. 1-800-VAN-RIDE (1-800-826-7433)

Vanpooling has been a part of my life for over the last 12 years. I first started using vanpools in 1994 while as an undergraduate student at UCLA. At that time, I was living in on-campus and going home every weekend to my parents who were located 30 miles east of UCLA. As all Southern Californians know, traffic in Los Angeles is known to be excruciatingly bad on Friday afternoons. The options were to either drive and brave the commute alone, or ride the bus with the hassles of transferring. Thank goodness that vanpooling turned out to be a viable third option. After learning about the financial, environmental and life quality benefits of vanpooling, I immediately signed up, first as a part-time passenger, and eventually transitioned to full-time during my tenure as a Ph.D. student. In 2002, I started working at The Aerospace Corporation. Aerospace and the surrounding defense companies heavily promoted vanpooling, and I immediately took advantage of the commuting option. For two-and-a-half years, I rode and occasionally drove a VPSI van from South Pasadena to El Segundo. One of the best things about this vanpool was the fact that our van was able to take advantage of the HOV lane on both the 105 and 110 freeways, which trimmed off a lot of time in the commute to and from work. In 2004, my wife and I left Southern California and moved to New England. After living in Massachusetts for a year, we purchased a house in Bedford, New Hampshire. However, our jobs were still in Cambridge, Massachusetts, some 60 miles away. We needed to find a cost-effective and intelligent way of getting to work. Again, vanpooling made sense. I contacted VPSI and arranged to start a new van, this time serving as the primary driver. Who knew that all my years in vanpooling would one day prepare me to run my own van!
Jason K. Hui, Ph.D.